My Story

My ancestors were of Dutch, English and French origins and I have found myself immersed in their various ideals and traditions. As I got older, I became fascinated with languages and writing. Naturally, I studied literature and eventually translation; I suspect that my English and French environment might have instigated these passions of mine.

I grew up in Canada and even though I moved several times, small villages have always been home to me. My favorite season is summer and I like to remember those younger days spent with my brothers and sisters catching frogs—when it was a challenge catching fish, bike riding and building great castles and sturdy forts (i.e. rickety structures made of twigs and corn stalks)!

My grandmother was at the heart of our home—the kitchen, obviously—and she was very fond of food. During summers, she and my grandfather planted vegetable gardens and we’d always take part in it. I think I liked watering the plants most, and who wouldn't? Even now, I still take pleasure in such a simple and comforting task. When I look back to those times, I think of our family gatherings outside; tables dressed in cotton tablecloths, abundant with fresh salads, crisp watermelon slices, desserts and... pure delight. My grandmother was my influence in the kitchen, she taught me how to cook; and through my grandfather I developed a deep love for nature. I was amazed by simple green sprouts popping through the early summer's soil and cantaloupe horizons that turned into starry nights.

At heart, I've always been creative and literature, languages and writing appear to be the essence of who I am and part of the best gifts I hope to share...