Through my love for family, my passion for turning a house into a home and cooking wonderful meals, the novel Meringue was born. It’s about a family-owned restaurant that comes into existence after the discovery of an old, enchanted recipe for meringue by the famous seventeenth century chef, François Massialot. My inspiration was also influenced by memories of when my grandmother would pull out her cookbooks to plan Sunday night dinners for the whole family. These meals were more often than not, nothing short of decadent feasts…      


seamless-pattern-with-a-town-under-the-rainy-clouds-colorful-falling-illustration-id946594166 (3).jpg

June Mooney is in utter despair when she learns of her husband’s disappearance. With no one to turn to and a third child on the way, her future appears hopeless until she discovers an enchanted recipe for meringue tucked away in the attic.       

Thanks to a batch of divine meringue pâtisseries, a new chapter in June’s life begins with the opening of a French-inspired café. As she bakes away her sorrows, the humble restaurant flourishes. However, when June revamps the menu, setting aside the charmed concoction, disaster follows. The magic in the little café dwindles while conflict arises in the family. Soon, June is struck by another misfortune when Harold D’Alembert, an acclaimed French chef, opens an exquisite restaurant right next door…  

Like the pleasures of an epicurean experience, Meringue is a delicious and endearing tale about a cookbook inhabited by a spirit and the mesmerizing effects it has on a quiet, little town.

By Christine Lemieux