A Summer Road Trip from Alberta to the Oregon Coast

Summer to us, is all about adventure and freedom. Every year, my family and I pack up the SUV and hit the road to explore a new destination, may it be short or long, there’s always so much to discover and great people to meet along the way! Last year we traveled from Calgary all the way to the Oregon coast.

With the windows rolled down, we sang along to a good summer playlist and let our thoughts of everyday life melt away to the scenic views that surrounded us.

As we drove along the Rockies, we were dazzled by sunny yellow fields of canola flowers set against a breathtaking backdrop.


Along the way, before crossing into British Columbia, we took a few pics of this gigantic, lonesome rock. It’s called Crownest Mountain and is 2 785 m high.


Next we crossed the U.S. border and ended up having lunch at the “Rusty Moose” in Bonners Ferry in the State of Idaho. A great, small town, especially if you’re looking for antiques!

With my daughter Evangelyne, checking out the well-preserved artifacts in the town square!

With my daughter Evangelyne, checking out the well-preserved artifacts in the town square!

The Columbia River is quite impressive. We followed only part of it (as it’s total length is over 2000 km) from Kennewick, Washington all the way to Portland, Oregon. The varied landscapes along this river makes it worthwhile to see!


Multnomah Falls are on this route. We were eager to hike the trails and see the multiple falls but found out that a huge forest fire had devastated the area the previous year and most trails were closed (trails have now reopened). Still, we were lucky enough to see the falls from the old stone bridge and did enjoy the Multnomah Falls Lodge. The historic stone building was constructed in 1925 and includes a restaurant, gift shop and interpretive center.


We stayed in Portland for a few nights at a hotel along the Columbia River. The weather was really hot!


On the Oregon coast there are so many beautiful beaches to enjoy. One of our favorites, for its spectacular views, was Canon Beach.


Exploring the coast, we discovered Fort Stevens State Park which is located at the northern end of the Oregon Coast. In 1906, the Peter Iredale vessel ran ashore and the remains are still visible today.

IMG_3945 (1).JPG

While in Seaside, we spent an afternoon at the Seaside Aquarium. During feeding, the Harbor seals are hilarious!