Why Do We Fear Going Forward with Our Dreams?

When you have the desire to create, why wouldn’t you go for it? I've heard the following many times, from many different people: “I will not attempt this, because someone has already thought of it” or “I could never be as good as… so I will not do it.” That’s a colossal mistake! It’s obvious that with 7.6 billion people on the planet, many ideas are bound to be similar somewhere along the way. However, each and every one of us is unique, so what ever you come up with will also have a distinctive spin.      

When I think about my grandmother, I remember how she was always busy knitting, sewing, baking bread, tending her garden… and she loved doing all of it. She created so many wonderful things every day. In winter, there were always tons of wool slippers and socks for the whole family to wear. In summer, she’d lay out cool, cotton quilts for everyone to enjoy. What she did was art. It was beautiful and had a purpose. When she figured out patterns for her patchwork quilts, she didn’t stop herself from being creative with the colors she chose. She went along with whatever caught her eye, without worrying about what others might think of her work. And boy did she accomplish a lot in a day! Isn’t that what we should all be doing when it comes down to creating?

Why do we stop ourselves from going ahead with what makes us passionate? Why have so many people given up on their dreams? Because we are so focused on failing and fearing what others might think. Today, I wish for you to be brave and courageous; start doing what you’ve been craving to do for so long! Here is a quote that I hold dear and would like to share: The Journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.—Dan Millman. It reminds us that fully enjoying the time spent doing what we love is above all our truest reward.