Creating Your Own Light

After a full year of renovating our home, I had an urgent need to replenish body and soul. From this need I started a new routine over the summer and have stuck with it ever since, because it gave me so much more energy for the day.

Every morning, I’d get up before anyone else, pour myself a cup of coffee and sit outside to read an inspiring story or passage. Then in silence, I’d ponder on how those words fit into my life. It was such a good way to start the day with a positive attitude. It sparked within me new and creative ideas, gave me tools to cope with undesirable issues and opened up my mind to exciting possibilities.

I wondered how a few enlightened moments to myself at the start of the day could deliver such beneficial results, and soon realized that unresolved issues and negative thoughts are real energy sappers. Therefore it’s important to start each morning with a positive outlook as it will influence the tone of your day.      

Now, as the darker, colder days of fall roll in, I believe it’s essential to find ways to add a few amps of light to brighten those gloomy mornings. Meditate or find an uplifting book as a daily practice to elevate your spirits. You can also dance to your favorite music!

“Blue days                                
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on”

Anyone up for a bubbly song by Ella Fitzgerald?