My Story

Early on in life when I became a confident reader, I was lucky enough to have access to my sister’s library. Being older than I, she owned all the good books in our house. She was a fan of the Nancy Drew series and I too, longed to be part of that impressive circle. Of course when she first started her collection, I was deemed too young to read mystery novels and to me that was completely dreadful. But I was patient and that glorious day finally came. I read and read, savouring every word of every book in my sister’s fabulous mystery collection.   

During school years, I enjoyed reading the books we were assigned, but honestly hated writing the reports that went along with them. Then in college, I took a creative writing class and something tremedous occurred. It seemed that everything I wrote flowed with ease and I had such marvellous ideas. It was at that time that I realized how much I loved writing.   

I deeply treasure words; especially those that inspire, those that are bursting with magic and those that can transport you to another realm in a nick of time…