"The secret to a life well-lived has much to do with the passion one experiences for food, without it life would be bland, an awful disaster."-Augustine Cignier from the novel Meringue. 


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An enchanted cookbook, containing a magical recipe for meringue, falls into the hands of young Augustine Cignier. Soon, it becomes part of her existence, profoundly influencing every moment of her life. When she passes away, her spirit is entrapped within its pages and ends up in the attic of an abandoned home...

Several years later, June Mooney purchases the old house with the dream of turning it into a restaurant…

And so, the story begins in present-day Lake Humphrey, a little village tucked in the rolling hills of the Eastern Townships. Guided by Augustine’s spirit, June comes across the cookbook and for years, the humble restaurant—serving divine meringue pâtisseries—flourishes. But when June revamps the menu, setting aside the charmed recipe, the results are disastrous. As the magic dies, years of struggle begin for June and her three daughters; Scarlett, Ava and Hailey. Their worries are enhanced by a scandalous affair, the affections of a handsome writer, a teenage pregnancy, and most of all, the arrival of award-winning, French chef, Harold D’Alembert.

Like the pleasures of an epicurean experience, Augustine recounts the textured story of a cookbook’s mesmerizing effects on her life and the lives of the women attached to Restaurant Meringue.

Meringue is an inspiring, heartfelt and unforgettable tale celebrating the strength of family, its inevitable flaws and the beauty of coming together.  

By Christine Lemieux