Meet the Characters

Meringue is filled with wonderful and memorable characters.

Tell me about your favorite...

By Christine Lemieux

June Mooney, the hard-shell mother, driven by her family and business. "Yes, June was going to rise to the top and no one was going to get in her way."

Willa Scott, the compassionate elderly neighbor, with a heart of gold. "I made it a point one day to be happy no matter what... to find the divine in the ordinary and I have been content about my life since that day."

Ava Mooney, the feisty young woman searching for her real identity, while falling for the wrong guys. "She was a clever girl; there was no doubt about that. She was also very pretty..."  

Harold D'Alembert, the newly arrived French chef, passionate about his cuisine and simple splendors. "Food was his life, the very essence of his being, as it had always been." 

Hailey Mooney, the sullen teenager faced with great responsibilities. "She felt so alone at this point, no one knew except her mother, and she wondered if it was a good idea to have told her."

Jake Thornton, the guy with good looks and money. He thinks he has it all, but does he? "All in all, a woman’s dream come true, he thought while glancing at himself in the vehicle’s rearview mirror, it reflected a confident stare and a smug smile."

Hazel Gilbert, the carefree spirit, guided by intuition. "Hazel felt an unusual vibe that morning... it was a strange sensation and she knew that the Mooney women were about to go through a metamorphosis..."

Scarlett Mooney, the woman in denial... "Scarlett had the sweetest smile but Willa detected sadness in her gaze."   

Maureen Tucker, the tough cookie with all the right answers. "Maureen was like a dragon, except she spit out words instead of fire."  

Owen Blake, the heartbroken author trying to heal his past while figuring out his future. "His latest realization disturbed him; he knew how to write a beautiful love story, but didn't quite know how to weave such elements into his own existence." 

Ruth Bello, the sweet and reserved type, suddenly forced on a new path of discovery. "I thought I knew what I wanted from life... but I'm beginning to realize, like right now, that I actually don't."